Thursday, May 27, 2010

Oh Be Careful

As Christians, we must always be aware of our surroundings and the influences we have on others- fellow Christians as well as Non-Christians. We are held accountable for causing others to stumble. The Bible says:

”It would be better for him to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around his neck than for him to cause one of these little ones to sin.

Luke 17:2

I am now a Grandmother- the mistakes I made as a mother, I do not plan on repeating with my grandchildren. I realized it’s impossible to be perfect but I have vowed to be a better influence and example for them.. I praise God that I feel I’ve been giving another chance to get it right. For those of us that are older and understand what I’m saying- go for it!- for those of you who are rearing small children, please listen to my warning. Everything you do and say is an influence to that child. They are walking-talking tape reorders and everything you do or don’t do correctly goes straight into their little memory banks. My children remember things that I don’t- I think I’ve mentally blocked some of my mistakes out- but even now, they remember.

One of my greatest passions is my grandchildren- God has blessed me with this “new moldable clay”. One of my grandson’s loves the song “Oh Be Careful” and as I think of those words, it should apply to adults as well as children.

“Oh be careful little eyes-what you see. Oh be careful little eyes what you see. For the Father up above, is looking down in love- so be careful little eyes what you see”

Then of course it goes to little ears, little tongue, little hands and little feet..

We sing that song and he points to each part and when we’re finished he claps and says “YEAH- I did it!”- when we look back on our lives, wouldn’t it great to be able to say “YEAH- I did it!”? I want my grandchildren to grow and see Jesus in my actions, my words and my heart. I want them to remember that I loved God above everything else. To accomplish that I need to be careful what my eyes see, my lips say, my ears hear, my hands do and where my feet go.

I can not express how gracious God has been with His Grace and Mercy in my life- the opportunity He has bestowed on me is so humbling, because I am so unworthy at times. But because He loves me and believes in me, I have the chance to help steer and guide the little people in my life down His path. I will make mistakes- you will make mistakes, but we can always be a positive example and even an example of forgiveness as well. Never miss the opportunity to teach, model and influence someone in a positive way- the benefits are out of this world!


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