Sunday, December 19, 2010

What is Christmas?

Is it tinsel and presents? Food and fun?
Is it parties and programs? Or being with everyone?

Is it shopping and bustling? Busy or not?
Is it trees or caroling and what have I forgot?

Is it saddness and tears? Is it inside yearning?
Is it wondering who will be waking up hurting?

Is it fear and darkness? Is it loneliness and pain?
Is there anything that can keep us from going insane?

Yes there is! I know what it is!
It is the true meaning of Christmas, please lend me your ears!

For Christmas is not about taking and getting. Christmas is about sharing and not forgetting.

That the Lord sent his Son, the greatest gift of all, to be born as a baby, then die for us all.

That was His mission, the reason He came and the message is not different, it is still the same.

He loves us that much that He died so we could live. He suffered, bled and He cried. But most of all He forgives.

He forgive us when we're busy. He forgives us when we stray. His love is always with us, every hour of every day.

So this Christmas when your gathered with the ones you love, remember that His gift is looking from above. Remember that the Savior has come for set us free and that He loves us forever, eternally!

Merry Christmas- Julie