Thursday, May 27, 2010

New Years Resolutions or New Years Absolution?

This Devotion is solely to glorify God and to further His Kingdom and to Him do I give ALL the glory.

I chose this email address because it was on Nov 1978 that I invited Christ into my heart-and since that day He and I have had a lifetime of memories, some good and some not so good- but He's never left me- He's been in every second of every day. And everyday I face with Him. It is my prayer that these devotions touch your life and that you will forgive my human heart at times, but please know it's my desire for these words to bring you closer in your relationship with our Father.

Thank you for allowing me to share my heart with yours.

New Years Resolutions or New Years Absolution?

"Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever" Hebrews 13:8
We talk so much about New Year's Resolutions. What we will do to make the next year better than the one before. How will we live differently than the year before. We make lists and promises to ourselves. I'm sure they are all made with good intentions, but let's be honest-how many do we actually follow through? I have had a few resolutions that I have actually followed through but even more that I've failed in seeing all the way to the end. This year instead of focusing on the resolutions I can make about the coming year, I want to focus on the absolution of the coming year. Let's see,... what do I know is absolute?

First, I am absolute in the fact that God's love for me never changes. He loves me when I succeed and when I fail. He loves me when I'm joyful and when I'm sad. When I'm loving and when I'm bitter. When I'm fake and when I am real. My attitude and reactions change, but His love for me never does.

I am absolute that His love is endless. His love stretches as far as the East is from the West. Which is a little hard for me to comprehend since I live in the "Midwest". I'm more central than one or the other-the distance is closer than if I lived on the West Coast and traveled all the way to the East Coast. His love spans that entire distance and as a matter of fact, His love covers the entire globe and then some. It has no boundaries, it is endless.

I am absolute that He is perfect. And because He's perfect, I'm sure I am not. It literally blows me away to think about how perfect He is. We recently had a beautiful snowfall and getting out of my car one evening, I could see the moon's light reflecting on the new snow and it had a sparkle to it as if it was laced with diamonds. And it was so perfect I had to just stand there and admire it for a minute or two until my cold toes reminded me where I was. But as I walked in the house I was reminded how perfect God makes things for us and how we- with man's own hand sometimes ruin them. Just like that beautiful snow, if it was left untouched, would have continued to be pure. But the foot prints of man (and snow plows) soon make it very unattractive. We do that with His plan for our lives when we don't allow His Will to work- He is perfect.

Finally, I am absolute that He is coming back for me. I believe that He is preparing a new home for me and it will be beyond my wildest imagination. I am absolute that by His blood I am saved, because of His sacrifice. And it is only by Grace and Mercy that I will live in eternity with Him and finally be free of all the superficial promises this earthly dwelling place is offering me now. How wonderful to live in the presence of my Lord and Savior forever, how ABSOLUTELY wonderful!


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