Saturday, May 22, 2010

It's Bubbling

It's Bubbling

It's bubbling, it's bubbling, it's bubbling in my soul.
There's singing, and laughing since Jesus made me whole.
Folks don't understand it, nor can I keep it quiet.
It's bubbling, bubbling, bubbling, bubbling, bubbling day and night.

I taught my three year old grandson Mayson this little song this week. It's just a catchy little tune that has actions to it. Every time the song was finished- Mayson would say "Again Nana!" And we'd start rolling our hands and singing again and again.

When I think about bubbling, a boiling pot of water comes to mind. I'll admit, I've boiled over my share of pots to mess up the freshly cleaned stove-top. Sometimes all you have to do is look away for a split second and there it goes boiling over. Have you ever tried to keep a lid on a pot that's boiling over? The force of the water knocks the lid right off the top and the contents comes flowing over the sides.

This is the way our faith should be. We should be so on fire and excited with our walk with the Lord that we just, as the song says "nor can I keep it quiet"- we should bubble over. Is your faith so overwhelming that you can't keep it contained? Does it ooze out of your being? When people see you, can they tell you're a Christian without you even saying a word? I can honestly and sadly answer these questions, "not always". I might bubble over but it's not with joy when someone cuts me off in traffic or takes my parking spot. What about when you're waiting on someone or you have to work a little later than scheduled? Do we bubble over with joy then? I don't. I should- but I don't always. Praise God, we serve a God of second (and third, and fourth, and...) chances.

I remember a story once of a young girl that was going off to a secular college. Her mother was concerned that she might have a hard time keeping her strong faith in tact as she faces the day to day struggles of that world. The first time she came home for a visit, her mother asked her "Honey, how are you doing? Are you finding it difficult to fit in as a Christian?" and the daughter replied "Oh no mom, not at all- no one knows"

Sometimes I feel like that girl- like no one can tell that Christ lives in me. When I'm ugly on the inside, I feel ugly on the outside too. I want my faith to bubble over and be so obvious that I can't help but show His love so that others will want that for their lives as well. I still have so much maturing to do in Christ and I'm so thankful He's not finished with me yet! I want to bubble! I want to bubble in my soul!

Father God, thank you so much for the opportunity to be called your child. Thank you for the opportunity to walk with You and to be an example of You and it's my prayer that I'll always be a good example of Your love and Your life. I pray that You will allow Your Spirit to well up in me so strongly that I can't help but overflow. Thank you so much for loving me!


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