Thursday, May 27, 2010

Life-What a Ride!

Life-What a Ride!

I was in a very private setting the other day and the urge came upon me to pray. It is not unlike me to have this immediate desire to spend time in prayer; it was just my surroundings that were slightly odder than usual. As I lifted my heart to His, again,- the Spirit evoked me to raise my hands as high as I could get them, close my eyes and feel Him take my fears away. As I lifted my arms to the heavens, I felt all the weight and of my trial also lift from me and it almost gave my stomach a tickle.

I’ve mentioned before that I love rollercoaster’s. We used to love to ride the biggest and fastest rollercoaster’s and raise our hands when we got to the very top of the highest point and keep them uplifted all the way down again. It literally lifted you out of your seat. It was exhilarating. This tickle in my stomach was almost like being lifted away riding that rollercoaster. I think life is like a rollercoaster ride, don’t you? I know it does for me.

Life has so many ups and downs, jolts one direction and then to the opposite. Sometimes it throws us into a black tunnel like hole and we loose all sense of where we are and what’s happened. It can be smooth and bumpy, slow and very fast. It can be silent and then noisy. It can even do loopy-loops.

I am here to tell you today- that I know my life has been one big rollercoaster ride. I know that at times I have not let God control that rollercoaster and I have paid the price and so have the precious ones around me. I can honestly say I know I could have been a better daughter, sister, friend, wife and mother. So many times I have gripped the rails of my life so fiercely that it made my knuckles white- when what I should have been doing was throwing my arms to the heavens and letting go completely.

I’m not sure what makes us so afraid to let go and let God. I know I should, but doing it is another issue for me. I believe with everything that is in me, that He only has my very best interest at heart. I believe He loves me more than I can comprehend. I believe that He breaths life into every ounce of my being. And I believe He will never leave or forsake me- so what’s to be afraid of???

I love this rollercoaster of life- and I love the thrills that it brings. I know that I’ve learned so much more by the valleys than I have from the mountain tops. But whether I’m steaming full speed ahead, being drawn to the right or the left, plunging to the bottom of the obis – I know my God is in control. I’m going to lift my hands- I’m going to let go- I’m going to feel the sweet release and feel the peace that can only come from totally surrendering to Him- are you ready to join me for a ride?


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