Thursday, May 27, 2010

…and now a word from my Sponsor

Have you every wondered what it would be like if Jesus did commercials? I mean, if every time we sat down and watched TV, there would be little pauses in the programs to give a Message? They might sound like:

“Want to know how to get to Heaven???- Well let me tell you about a new way to GUARANTEE your place in Salvation! By just simply surrendering your heart to the Lord- you, yes YOU- could know for sure you’ll be on the way to those pearly gates someday! No need to dial a number, or even use your credit card- just get down on your knees and repeat after me… Don’t wait another second- the Lord is standing by waiting to hear from you- Act Now!


“…(Loud alarm)… this is test, only a test. The sound you just heard was the brought to you by the Emergency “Eternity is Forever” Bureau- If this had been an actually emergency, it would have been followed by Gabriel and his boys playing their trumpets and singing as they appeared in the air. Remember, this is only a test… this time.”

Wouldn’t it be so cool to have Christian commercials? - advertizing all the perks of the future. Do you think it would make a difference if people were constantly reminded of what’s to come? Or do you think they’d still get up and walk away to the kitchen to get a snack? I would like to think they would pay attention but when I truly think about the past and see how our society has progressed up till now- I kind of sadly doubt it.

God sent his One and Only Son to earth to be the Ultimate Example - yet still some rejected him. He actually walked the earth, spoke auditable to people, touched them with His hands, knelt and prayed with them, performed miracles, rose from the dead and some still didn’t get it. I guess I shouldn’t be shocked that people today still don’t get it- even if they saw it on the TV on a regular basis. Some people sit in church every Sunday and still don’t get it.

We need to be reminded daily what He’s done for us and in our lives. We should praise him constantly just for being the Lord He is! We should wake up stating “Yes Lord” and go to sleep saying “Thank you Lord”. The next time you’re sitting and watching TV and a commercial comes on- instead of jumping up and leaving the room, try saying a small prayer of thanksgiving. Acknowledge Him- Praise Him- Worship Him. I’ve heard it said the more we acknowledge him with praise, the more likely He is to do an encore.

Exodus 15:2 (New International Version)
The LORD is my strength and my song; he has become my salvation. He is my God, and I will praise him, my father's God, and I will exalt him.


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