Thursday, May 27, 2010

Are You Ready?

I had a dream. I was walking on a side road and came to where the road made a “T”. There was an empty field in front of me and I looked into the clouds. I could hear a very distant music that was more beautiful than I have ever heard in my entire life. Little by little the music became louder. I did not recognize the words or the music but it was mesmerizing.

Still staring at the sky, one angel appeared in the distance, and then there where three, and then 12 and they continued to multiply until the entire sky was consumed and they were all singing the same wonderful song. The music continued to get louder and the angles continued to multiply and draw closer. I knew in my heart that this was the Glorious Appearance and Jesus would soon appear surrounded by the angels. I could not take my eyes off that sky- I waited with the greatest anticipation I have ever felt.

Out of my peripheral vision, I could see to my left that the ground was shaking and opening up. I could see way down into the earths core and it was full of flames. I could see the flames and feel the heat. People I knew were gathering around the opening earth and one by one falling to this lake of fire. I knew them, but not their names- but I know I knew who they were and I was scared and sad.

All the while I refuse to take my eyes off the sky because at that time, I was aware this was a dream and I just wanted to stay asleep long enough to see Jesus’ face. I remember starting to wake up slowly and almost pleading to keep within the dream, but I woke up and I have NEVER forgotten what I experienced.

I don’t know when the Lord will take me home- none of us do. But I do know I want to be ready. I want to be prepared as much as I can be. I want my loved ones there with me. I remember feeling so sad because I knew the people who were perishing and I couldn’t do anything about it in the dream, but I can do something about it now that I’m awake.

We had a song that was sang at church camp called “I Wish We’d All Been Ready”- it’s about the second coming of Christ and how some will be taken and some will be left behind. The chorus says “There’s no time to change your mind, how could you have been so blind? The Father spoke, the demons dined, the Son as come and you’ve been left behind”. I’ve read books on the Rapture, I’ve watched movies about it and I’ve heard many a good sermon on the subject. Some might call this “scare tactics” and yes I admit, I hope I scare you and make you think about your salvation.

Friends, we are NOT promised tomorrow. There are NO guarantees. There will be NO second chances. God loves us and wishes for NONE of us to perish. But some will. It might be people you know personally that will go hell. Could it possibly be you? How sure are you about your salvation? How ready and prepared are you for that day? There will be no where to hide and there will be no excuses. Are you ready to stand in judgment before God?

If you’re not sure, please, please contact me and we will discuss it so you can be. There’s no greater subject to write about, there’s no greater subject to sing about, there’s no greater subject to talk about- it’s the subject of eternity. The next time you’re outside- look to the clouds, envision what it will look like to see angels and hear music, anticipate His face and ask yourself- Am I ready?

“If anyone’s name was not found written in the Book of Life, he was thrown in the Lake of Fire”

Revelation 20:15


Authors Note:

God gave me this devotion last week- the next day I was thinking over it and sorting it out in my mind. I logged onto GodTube and the first video I came to was this below.

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