Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Blood is Thicker than Water

Blood is Thicker than Water

Acts 20:28
“28 •Be careful for [Keep watch over] yourselves and for all the •people [L flock] the Holy Spirit has •given to you to oversee [L made you overseers/guardians; John 21:16]. You must be like shepherds to the church of God,[a] which he •bought [or obtained] with the •death of his own Son [L with the blood of his own (Son); or with his own blood]. “
Expanded Bible (EXB)

We have a saying “Blood is thicker than water”; it’s supposed to imply that family, those who share the same blood lines, should be more important than those who don’t. It’s means loyalty to some- entitlement. It means standing beside your family above anyone else. It means your family may not always be right, but they’re still your family. We get to choose our friends or our acquaintances, but God chooses our families.

Blood is thick- if you’ve ever experienced more than a few drops at a time- you know, it’s THICK, it’s sticky and it doesn’t clean up easily. It’s so crimson red, it can almost look black. It has three main components: Red blood cells, which carry oxygen to all our tissues, White blood cells, which fight off infection so we don’t get sick and Platelets, which are smaller but help our blood to clot so we don’t bleed to death if we’re injured. So yes, blood is very important- it’s vital- we couldn’t live without it - It’s life giving.

I’m the coordinator at my workplace for our Blood Drives- Every third month; the Central Illinois Community Blood Center brings in all the tools they need to collect as much blood as they can from willing donors. Team members contact me and I make them an appointment to spend about 20 minutes giving blood, or as the CICBC like to say “give what’s in your heart”. I really like that slogan “give what’s in your heart”. And blood is something that is always needed- they never get enough of it.

I love my family, they aren’t perfect and our God knows if they were, they wouldn’t be after He gave me to them, but imperfections and all- they are mine. They do love me and they do stand by me. My family is very massive- my parents commented not long ago when we were all together- which if getting farther and fewer between, that all these folks we call family, started from just two people that fell in love. Families do that- they tend to grow, two people fall in love, have a few children, who later fall in love and have children and they have children… families grow. And the one common denominator- we all have the same blood. So blood is thicker than water…

So, is that it? Is that all there is? Blood is thicker than water- period? blood, Blood BLOOD…
Jesus + BLOOD +You + Me =FAMLIY. Same Blood.

What did Jesus do to make us family? What did it cost Him? What sacrifice did He make? What did He give? BLOOD- crimson,… thick,… sticky,… Blood.

I don’t know about you, but that makes me feel pretty special, pretty complete, and really really happy. I said earlier that blood has three different components: Red cells that carry oxygen- Jesus’ Blood gives us eternal oxygen, as a matter of fact- Jesus Blood gives us eternal life. Without that, we’d be lost forever. White cells, which protect against infection – Jesus’ Blood protects us from EVERYTHING, not just physical infection, but from spiritual and emotional infection. He is a barrier against all evils. And finally Platelets for clotting. Jesus’ Blood gives us the ability to not self -destruct, it gives us hope and a future, a reason to go out and spread the Good News.
His Blood completes the BIG picture. As Christians, it’s what binds us together; it’s what makes us ONE big family- the family of Christ. So see, we don’t have to have the same physical blood, because we have the same spiritual blood- the Blood of Jesus! AMEN? AMEN!

Father God, I am so thankful for the family you chose for me. They bring me such joy and I love them beyond measure. And Father, my Spiritual Family- Thank you! I am very blessed to have most of these two families intertwine. To share both overwhelms me. Lord, thank you for Your Blood that only you could give. And thank You that you gave it so freely and unconditionally so that we could spend eternity with you. -AMEN

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